About Ask Indigo

photo of Indigo

Patricia Irwin “Indigo”

I am frequently asked questions around optimizing mental health, finding our true natural gifts and balancing our waves. Now it is time to share the questions in an anonymous way. Most people are familiar with Dear Abby and Miss Etiquette and while asking Indigo (my nick name) questions may seem similar I will not tell you what to do nor will I tell you how to behave. I will however share with you what I have learned over my many years. You will find insights that you agree with and ones that you don’t and that is okay. I am an author, speaker and certified, professional life coach and not a doctor or counsellor so I always suggest that you work with your caregivers. Please feel free to send in questions – which will be posted on this blog with answers – any personal information that you give to me will be kept confidential. Do not post personal information on this site – instead email to me directly.


Even better if you add “Ask Indigo” in the subject of your email 🙂


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